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Aim and Objectives


  • Provide continuing judicial education to judicial officers throughout their career in the state of Maharashtra, Goa, and any other state not able to arrange for such continuous education for its judges
  • Provide induction training to the newly selected judicial officers before they are allowed to act as presiding officers in the court as mandated by the Shetty Commission
  • Provide continuous education to other professionals like members of the Bar, Police Officers, Public Prosecutors, Government Pleaders, Medical Officers, Ministerial Officers working in the Courts.
  • Collaborate with international judicial education providers, global institutions, judicial associations to explore possibilities for exchange programmes for judges
  • Undertake research projects for improving court performance, judicial capacity, litigant satisfaction with the court system
  • Encourage young legal professionals to take part in judicial profession by calling them as interns and exposing them to judicial fraternity and judging profession
  • Hold sponsored conferences, workshops, seminars to create self-funding capabilities
  • Offer facilities for arbitration, mediation, lok adalats to make optimum use of facilities in existence
  • Publish reading materials, journal, newsletter, benchbook to help judges in their work
  • Evaluate and continuously monitor changes in the training needs of judges, their learning from judicial education programme, effectiveness of faculty called upon to address trainee judges
  • Design curriculum to enhance judicial skills required for writing judgment, communicating with litigants, bar and staff of the court, appreciation of law and evidence
  • Create adherence to the constitutional principles amongst the members of subordinate judiciary by encouraging judicial decisions founded on the principles of freedom, equality, dignity, equity and fairness.


  • Encourage legal profession and judiciary to use ADR options for commercial, service and family disputes
  • Provide mediation techniques for determining interests, identifying problem, solving identified problem through communication and negotiation with the parties
  • Create panel of trained mediators whose services can be availed by courts, tribunals, commissions, legal services authority, High Court Mediation Monitoring Sub-Committees for Mumbai, Nagpur and Aurangabad
  • Provide mediation awareness programmes to lawyers, judges, NGOs, retired officers as per the requirement of the High Court under the Mediation Action Plan 2010-2011
  • Provide facilities to settle cases out of courts by use of ADR options
  • Cater to the needs of district legal